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I, Sumermal Pugalia was born in a renowned business family follower of “Jain Swetamber Terapanths” Religion in a small town of Sri Dungargarh in Dist Bikaner, Rajasthan.

Born in the family of Businessmen at that time the parents did not allow their Children to learn music. It was considered as very low job. There was a custom that child (male) will complete his study and join father’s business. This reason deprived me from a basic knowledge of music. There was a "His Master’s Voice" radio at my Home and when my father went out of home, I used to sing Md. Rafi Songs together with his voice whenever his songs were broadcasted on radio. This is the only basic knowledge of music in my Heart.

There was my younger maternal uncle late Jaskaran Anchalia, he used to write Parodies on filmy songs. Whenever I met him, he insisted me to sing those Parodies. After Two-Three years when I was of 14 years I told him that I can compose your Parodies in a new tune, but he did not believe it and avoided my request. But one day when I sang his Parodies in a new Tune, then he realized that I can compose new tunes.There after, I started composing his Parodies and also my own Lyrics in new tunes.

Looking into my passion in music, one day my wife told me that you are wasting your time only by writing and composing your songs.Why don’t you think to record your songs so that people can listen and enjoy.But I was hesitant and remained mum.But was surprised when after two days one person Mr Tapas Ghosh came to my house and inspired me to record my songs.This all was arranged by my wife without informing me.Since then Tapas Ghosh is assisting me to note my music notations and is guiding me in the technical aspects of music.





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